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Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta Fabrication:  Terra Cotta "Baked Earth" (in  Latin) a type of earthenware-unglazed or glazed. The fired body is porus. Its uses:  Vessels, flowerpots, drainage and waste water pipes, brick, surface embellishment on buildings and sculpture, free standing and relief.


Firing temperature is approximately 1000 Celsius. Typical colors produced from iron in the clog body are: yellow, orange, red (terra cotta), pink gray or brown. This depends on location where the clay is formed and mined.


Terra Cotta sculptures have been found that go back to 3000-1500 B.C. Terra Cotta was the only ceramic product produced by Western and Pre-Columbian people until the 14th century.

Terra Cotta History:

Terra Cotta in Early America: The use of Terra Cotta in Early America 1800's to 1920's-Evolutionry use.

Terra Cotta Fabrication Studio Techniques: Design, models, mold making, patterns, modeling pressing, etc. (examples of process and individual pieces.)



Lewis & Eric Snyder

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