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*About our 2021 Classes at Studio S Pottery & Galleries
                                                                       Wheel throwing and Hand-building Classes

A new line-up for all the classes began in January of 2019. This approach will continue throughout 2021 or until new owners take possession of the studio and surrounding property. Should this occur during your session, we will conclude your class time and your experience as our commitment to you, the student. Class times, duration, and length will change. We are extending class time to 2 1/2 hours over eight-week sessions. This will provide each student with more overall studio working time during each session. Class dates are being scheduled to avoid holidays and special occasions where attendance may be difficult. However, there will also be a policy available to provide make-up time for those that have necessary reasons to be absent.

The Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Classes will continue, but with new and additional content and emphasis, both in wheel throwing and hand-building.

A full session of Raku and Pit/Primitive* firings will also be offered, again in wheel-throwing and hand-building.

*These are clay processes that provide a more sculptural and decorative approach to the forms each student can make.

                                                                                      Metal Sculpture Workshops

Metal sculpture workshops in welding will be offered during the year regularly. These will be conducted to teach you to weld and fabricate a piece of sculpture from iron or steel. Other metals or materials are optional to incorporate into the work. During the workshop's scheduled time period, one to two pieces can be completed. Students are required to collect scrap metal of interest in advance of the workshop. 

This class encourages the use of recyclables and other re-purposed metals for artistic expression, but this is not required.

Stick, wire, and gas welding will be used.

Lewis & Eric Snyder

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